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Dadex Nalidar beams are used for roofing and wall cladding, usually in industry where large lengths are required. They facilitate design flexibility, reduce construction time and increase the efficiency and quality of installation work, thereby resulting in lower project costs. The installation is especially simplified as Nalidar Beams do not require wet work and curing during construction.

Dadex Nalidar Beams are extensively used on roofs of factory buildings, warehouses, farms, building site offices, mosques, ports and sheds. The lengths in which this product is available allows for the design of low pitched roofs free of any supporting columns and other sub-structural elements. Dadex Nalidar Beams can also be used for wall cladding where long spans and heights are involved.

Economical, maintenance free, easy to install
Corrosion resistant
Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions
Resistant to industrial smoke, fire, rodents, rotting
Low noise during impact of rain/hail
Provide a watertight seal
Provide insulation
Can bear a nominal wind pressure of 30lb./Sq.Ft
Dadex Nalidar Beams can span to an extent of 6.10 metres (20 fts), thus facilitating substantial savings in structural elements.
Can carry a concentrated load of 100kg on a 127 mm [5 in sq.] area for a span of 6.10m [20 ft.].

Width: 39 ½”
Thickness: 7mm
Length: 12’ (3.66m) and 16’ (4.88m).
Can also be manufactured in 20’ to 24’ in 8mm thickness.

PS 2942:1990 & ISO 393/4:1986

Our nationwide network of sales offices and technical support staff is always ready to help. If you have any queries or require more information please contact us.
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