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Of the various systems of irrigation, sprinkler system is the method of applying water in the form of artificial rain. Water is distributed under pressure through pipes (such as uPVC or PE) as a jet or spray into the air over the land to be irrigated without prior need of land leveling (required in the case of traditional irrigation methods). Sprinkler irrigation is used extensively all over the world. It is used to supply moisture to the crop, and also for frost control, crop cooling, and the application of pesticides, weedicides and fertilizers.

Hotels, Golf Courses, Resorts
Highways, Road Medians, Parks
Gardens, Landscaping
sprinkler irrigation systems are most economical for dense, close-spaced plants and crops.

Ensures uniform distribution of water
No land levelling is required
Washes plants, hence protects from external diseases
Makes irrigation easy in hilly areas
Increases water application efficiency
Reduces irrigation time and labour

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